Tuesday, August 5, 2014

5. august Tallinn

Since Bonaire there has been no updates. The reason is simple. After Bonaire I haven´t been on the water. The World Cup there was a big challenge for me. I didn´t have a decent result because I had to finish competing while the event was on. I could ride only the first double elimination and then I had to stop because of the pain in my knee. The last two days of the competition I was a spectator on the ground. When the Cup was over I had a meeting with a local physiotherapist who said that the knee is going to be alright soon. That sounded cool because I had booked a ticket to Fuerte already long before and I didn´t want to miss the next World Cup. So I was pretty confident that everything will be fine with the knee for the next event and after a few days later I flew from Bonaire to Curacao and then to Dusseldorf where I had to catch a flight to Fuerteventura. On Fuerte I stayed on three different places. The first week I got hosted by polish dude Piotr and his family. Then my estonian friends hooked me up for a week and from there on I stayed with Adam Gavriel, Yarden Meir, Davy Scheffers, Jacopo Testa and Mattia Fabrizi. It was super good to see all of the guys. Already on one of the first days I had an appointment with Rainer Pfeifer. Rainer is a physhiotherapist who has helped me before and I knew I have to go to him to know more about the knee. After the first checkup things didn´t look that bad and the idea to be ready for the Fuerteventura World Cup seemed to be realistic. He noticed that the knee was not quite in it´s place and that the side ligament was over stretched. He gave me exercises and I was pretty sure that soon I´m gonna be back on the water. But because of the past cartilage injury on the same knee the healing process was slowed down. So one day after my 9th appointment with Rainer I made a decision not to compete on the World Cup. The knee was not just ready for it and the competition was already behind the door. I would have probably smashed it into pieces. So after that appointment it was time to book ticket back to Estonia. So here I am now. In Estonia. Summer is fully on and I am happy to see my family. Despite of all the mess ups during the last months I have tried to keep my head up, because everything is going to be alright. I will keep on doing the exercises and hopefully I get the check up with doctors soon. From there on the next steps will follow. Adios amigos. Photo by Markus Seidel.

Friday, June 20, 2014

20. june Bonaire

The World Cup has arrived on the beaches of Bonaire! Ye man, the King of the Caribbean is going to be crowned soon! Today is the registration day and the wind forecast looks good. Everybody is excited. I have been looking forward to that event for a while and for 7 months I have been training for it. Things have been mixed up lately. Last weekend I got injured and I stretched out my knee on a local event that took place here. Although it´s been hard to take that situation, the knee is getting better. Right now I plan to ride my heats. But ye...no expectations. Will see! The fire is ready! Pic by Markus Seidel

Saturday, May 31, 2014

31. may Bonaire

Bonarian Irie vibes representing the Island culture with Bush bush crew sailing Sorobon day and night. Wind just keeps on blowing and seems to get stronger through out the next weeks. Ziggy and Poef guarding. Cool ya Man. I have been on the water a lot of days since last update. Like almost everyday. And I feel that the foundation-training for that season has been done. Now it´s time to prepare for the World Cup. Also a muscle injury on my hand is a sign to take a few steps back. So right now it´s important to rest a bit and run things easy. Alright, bless up! Catch ya Soon! Photo by Markus Seidel

Saturday, May 17, 2014

17. may Bonaire

Now it´s the middle of may and already in one month the first PWA event gonna kick off. Super excited about that! Wind has been on our side, so the training goes good. The last days 5.1 has been in use and the up comming forecast is looking just Beautiful. Yemon. Just great to share waters with all these local and non local dudes and have fun everyday. And recently some new surfers from the mid Europe have arrived to color the picture on the water even more. And ye, I think soon the Hostel is full filled with the riders again as slowly all the scene is starting to book the tickets. Busy times coming. One good thing more about the Hostel - Every Sunday rasta Robert is heating up the grill here and bringing up some delicious barbeque. I mean he makes really nice Jamaican BBQ. Come. Come with us and enjoy it! Alright...it´s time to close it. The time chamber training continuous...Irie

Thursday, May 1, 2014

1. may Bonaire

Wind on Bonaire has been just on Fire! People even use sail sizes like 4.0 and stuff like that. I have been enjoying a lot these days the surfing and one day I could try out my 4.5 for the first time. That sail is just epic. Big up to Steven and for the rest of the R&D. I immediately fell in love and basically its the best sail I have ever tried! Also the chilling on the ground has been top notch as always here. Tranquilo vibes, Kuma Movie and sunny weather describes it well. Also always good to chill with Bram Schmit. Best chef on the island! Meanwhile I was also following the event in Austria and Im happy to see high results from Davy & Jacopo. Nice job mengs! Okey...that´s it for now. Sorobon calls again! Photo by Kuma Movie

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

15. april Bonaire

All circumstances have brought us to windless days here on Bonaire. Bushbush comapnion has been riched with Hugo and Loick and viceverse to right now´s situation when things are pretty quiet, the previous week was packed with wind and action. We had sessions in the mangrooves and all around. Also was nice to sail with Youp again, who is back on the waters and is enjoying it a lot. I cannot get enough of it myself also and the joy just grows bigger. Thanks to all we have had great surfing days down here and looks like soon the freestyle season kicks off in Austria. Will be interesting to look at.....because if it happens that the agp dudes bring out their potential. The action gonna be off the roof. We´ll see...Photo by Markus Seidel

Sunday, March 30, 2014

30. march Bonaire

Bush bush back in the office. Have been wondering around these days. The wind is off, so it is pretty much laid back here. Gaining some inspiration from different kind of areas and doing some things. We have not too many of these things. It has bush, donkeys and lizards...So when it comes down for doing something, its more about the way of doing it, what quality it has in it. ´Not to throw it over shoulder´ is the aim. I could clean that kitchen maybe all day and it looks like nothing much was done. But the way of doing it has the difference. That´s the bush bush life. Anyway... Found that pic. Happy moments on Aqua Space. I think it was the time when Bonaire had most of the PWA freestylers riding out here. And we can see how one by one the crew is slowly fading away. Into the wide open world. To revisit it again. Pic by Markus Seidel