Forward Loop

Photo by Lene Kyte. Thanks for that nice shooting day Lene!

Rene Egli Equipment Storage

Sailing these days at Playa Barca in front of the Rene Egli Windsurfing Center, where I am also storaging my windsurfing equipment. Thanks to Rene Egli Crew I have perfect abilities to train - my stuff is on the beach, I have easy access to the water, there is nice shadow for tuning my gear etc. All these details help me to be more focused on the water + I have a chance to sail everyday on the competition area. So I am super stoked for the support they offer me. As well the atmosphere is cool. Ye, it´s a lovely place to be, so see you there! Thanks for the photo Lene Kyte!

Down in Risco

In one of those days down in Risco. Thanks for the pic Seba Brutal Boy.


Feeling fortunate to taste the Canaries culture again. Have scored some cool sessions so far. Gotta love windsurfing!

Ready to Go!!!

Big thanks to Tähtreklaam for stickering the sails up. Now heading towards destination X. Aloha!

Sweet! Back on the Water!

Photo by Jaanus Ree. For more shots made by Jaanus, check out his website