Tuesday, April 15, 2014

15. april Bonaire

All circumstances have brought us to windless days here on Bonaire. Bushbush comapnion has been riched with Hugo and Loick and viceverse to right now´s situation when things are pretty quiet, the previous week was packed with wind and action. We had sessions in the mangrooves and all around. Also was nice to sail with Youp again, who is back on the waters and is enjoying it a lot. I cannot get enough of it myself also and the joy just grows bigger. Thanks to all we have had great surfing days down here and looks like soon the freestyle season kicks off in Austria. Will be interesting to look at.....because if it happens that the agp dudes bring out their potential. The action gonna be off the roof. We´ll see...Photo by: Markus Seidel

Sunday, March 30, 2014

30. march Bonaire

Bush bush back in the office. Have been wondering around these days. The wind is off, so it is pretty much laid back here. Gaining some inspiration from different kind of areas and doing some things. We have not too many of these things. It has bush, donkeys and lizards...So when it comes down for doing something, its more about the way of doing it, what quality it has in it. ´Not to throw it over shoulder´ is the aim. I could clean that kitchen maybe all day and it looks like nothing much was done. But the way of doing it has the difference. That´s the bush bush life. Anyway... Found that pic. Happy moments on Aqua Space. I think it was the time when Bonaire had most of the PWA freestylers riding out here. And we can see how one by one the crew is slowly fading away. Into the wide open world. To revisit it again. Photo by: Markus Seidel

Monday, March 17, 2014

17. march Bonaire

Bonaire Bush Bush raises from the deep depths of stillness. Relaxation, Bush Bush and Lord of the Rings sessions will slowly turn into madness on the water as The wind is back! I think we will have a new chapter here. From the time we arrived on Bonaire with Davy, Sten and Ingrid, we didn´t have a break like that. Basically we had a 4 month session, yo know....with some rest days in between but maximum like 4 days....Now we have been dry for a while, so mind, body & Co are ready to hit it hard hard again-from a new page. All the guys are actually sailing right now but yesterday´s food poisoning took me down. After Sten´s and Ingrid´s pancake feast, I had a strange feeling in the stomach. Later on at Hostel we started to watch 3rd part of the Lord of the Rings, and at the point where Gallum is transforming or sth like this...it went pretty ugly and I had to run to the bush bush, hahaha. In the end it all came out. Anyway, today we gonna celebrate Brampys birthday and rest one more day. Tomorrow I bet 5.1 goes down to 4.8, maybe 4.5 ;) Peace! Photo by: Markus Seidel

Friday, February 28, 2014

28. february Bonaire

Whode, what sick sessions we have had on the water. All the stylers are pushing the limits. Just to get some inches of more height. But it´s still Bonaire. Light wind and chop. You have to go hard to fly high. So you find out some techniques and put them in use. And when the wind arrives, then guuud......Also some professional guys are recording the action, so the beach is full of cameras. That´s sick! Right now feeling fully destroyed from sailing. The body needs some relaxation. But it´s like this ah. We keep on going till we crash, till we cannot stand up anymore, haha. Part of addiction. Soon some more wind is coming. Check the windguru....and maybe book the ticket. Photo by: Markus Seidel

Thursday, February 6, 2014

6. february Bonaire

Some windless days here on Bonaire,so alot of hanging in the Surf Hostel. The crew is getting bigger day by day. Not so underground anymore, haha. Maybe we make a quick escape and we gonna check out some kung fu flicks in Colombia...Meanwhile I edited a small clip called `Jamaican Barbeque´ - represented by Bush Bush Brotherhood. You can find it from the ´Videos´ section. The hood is not together anymore as the mentor Cesco flew back to Italy to run some maffia in the south part of Italy but it goes on. The forecast looks colourful again, super sick. Funny uh, some guys have bigger smiles on their faces, just because the air starts moving. Keda Rustig!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

21. january Bonaire

Hola people. Greetings from the SurF Hostel Bonaire -The official headquarters for Bram and Youp Schmit with Ziggy ´Wild´ and Big Z guarding the property! Bonaire is treating us with all kind of blessings. Slow life pace, warm and sunny bush bush, groovy mini ramp and windy days. What else could underground surfers want. Its epic down here. I mean I don´t have anyway enough words to descibe that stokeness. But let´s try a bit...every morning we have decent breakfast with pankcakes, hmmmmm. From the early morning guys going crazy. Talkin so much bulls´´t and it gives the good feeling and smile for the whole day. At the same time behind the table I have always the feeling that somebody was beating me up with a baseball bat last night...Then next table to us girls are so surprised...oh really....you guys feel tired?....They must be weak.... hahahaha, like man, they cannot believe how harsh freestye windsurfing is for the body. But cool girls anyway. After that Bram gives us some coaching, not physically...mentally connetcting with us... and then I bike myself to Sorobon, where some serious tripping is happening. Some session are 2 hours, some extend to 6 hours. Full timechamber. Its such a sick spot that you cannot come out. I´m like...okey...one more trick...and then again...okey, one more...you know. Usually when it gets dark, we have to come out, otherwise you stand there with empty hands, like a bum, haha, without a ride to home. But it´s okey, we have ourselves, thats the most important :) Guys from AGP understand....And the wind gets better and better, also the level....Freestyle windsurfing is amazing these days. If you have chance, give it a try. If you don´t go, you don´t know. Our electricity source ,Generator, goes off now, bushbush wants to sleep....More will follow, specially during this year in this blog....Peace! Photo by: Trevor Hibdige

Friday, December 20, 2013

20. december Bonaire

The sun is shining and the weather is sweet......Hola from Bonaire! Time is flying fast these days which are packed up with surfing and then...surfing. Yea, mostly after the sunrise the road takes us to the beach and when the sun goes down, it takes us to back to the beds. Im feeling better day by day as the body has adjusted to the climate and the mind is really joining the vibes of the island. Lifestyle is here so different, true caribbean style. Im really stoked to have that opportunity to be here with my friends in the middle of bush bush, to sail all day long and train hard. Progress is fully there and hopefully we keep the good spirit up. The wind is goin to have a break for Christmas, as it looks for now and we also...we take some time off to enjoy the Chhristmas feast but soon we are back on the water with new ideas and new strength. Hanggloose! Ciao! Photo by: Richard Beukelaar